Enjoy Mount Koya by Bicycle 001 ( English )

  • Route…   Koyasan ( my clinic ) → Gokurakubashi st → Koyasan
  • total… 15.4km
  • time… about 45 min
  • degree of difficulty… ★ ( not so difficult )

I fixed my bicycle a few weeks ago. When I moved to Koyasan from Tokyo about 10 years ago, I brought this bicycle too. But after having had flat tire on the off road, I had neglected for long time.

Recently I am using bicycle for my work instead of car. It’s better for my body. It’s refreshing.

Today, I tried mountain climbing by my bicycle. I have not ridden bicycle for many years so I wanted to know my physical strength at the moment.

To come to Mount Koya you have to transfer at Gokurakubashi station. You have to change to Cable car there.

Koya townspeople use car without using Cable car. It’s cheaper, faster, more convenient. We drive on alternative mountain roads, not main roads.

Today I chose this alternative roads. This roads are wilder and less car and less people.

It’s very winding roads so pay attention to oncoming vehicles and fallen sharp rocks.

Most of slopes were gentler more than I thought. 7.7km ( one way ) is not so tough for people who don’t usually excise.

I had driven for 10 years on this route. But bicycle riding made me feel fresh and it reminded me of the beauty of Mount Koya.

I really recommend.


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