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About Zuien ( TAKAMASA )

Shiatsu Practitionaer / Judo Therapist / Artist
Born in Hachioji, Tokyo, Living in Koyasan, Wakayama, Japan.

Graduated from Chuo University in 2003
Commenced to teach Tai Chi in 2003
Moved his bases from Tokyo to Koyasan in 2009
Became a certified Judo Therapist, and opened his clinic in Koyasan in 2013
Visited several European countries and offered Shiatsu and lectures in 2019 and 2020
Held Shiatsu Seminars in Switzerland, Denmark and Romania in 2019 and 2020
Entered the buddhist priesthood and was given the name of the monk “Zuien” from my theacher monk, Shoryu Utsumi, Nanin temple Koyasan in 2023

Has Skills of
Zen Shiatsu / Kuretake Shiatsu / Crassical Osteopaty / Meditation /Tai Chi / Judo Therapy / Animal Shiatsu

Meditation / Shiatsu / Doin ( Self Exersices )

Music / Cicling / interacting with Animals ( Horses )

Has released music 4 music albums officially.
You can check them on Spotify, Apple Music and more…

About Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu was founded by Shizuto Masunaga.
His book ( Zen Shiatsu: How to Harmonize Yin and Yang for Better Health ) is a world famous and a classic for all Shiatsu practitioners.

He established Meridian acupressure ( Meridian Shiatsu ) methodology.

And he also founded the Iokai Shiatsu Center school in Tokyo.

One of the characteristics of Zen Shiatsu is Abdominal palpation.
It is the technique to see patient’s energy ( yin-yang, chi ) balance, at the same time it is also a treatment.

I ( Takamasa Tsuchiya, manager of Koyasan Uguisu Seitaiin Massage Shiatsu ) studied at Iokai Shiatsu Center school in Tokyo.
I am using Zen Shiatsu technique mainly in my treatments.

I Love Animal Shiatsu

When I tried Shiatsu to horses, I found intuitively that it’s same as human. So I want comunicate with animals through my Shiatsu as much as I can. This is also one of my life activities.

Teaching Shiatsu

Visited several European countries and offered Shiatsu and lectures in 2019 and 2020

Shiatsu intensive seminars at Romania and Switzerland

Shiatsu Movie

My Music

I really had been crazy about creating music since I was young. Originally, I studied Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and several body works to improve my musical ability. As a result, these skills are very useful for working as a Shiatsu therapist.


I live in the holy mountain, Koyasan (Mt.Koya), one of the most spiritual and peaceful places in Japan. It is a sacred place of Shingon Buddhism. Now I have been accepting my big life-change ( Tokyo → Koyasan ) as my destiny to serve what I can do for the people in the world.

Sometimes I feel like as if I was maditating when I am giving Shiatsu…


Takamasa Tsuchiya

phone… (081)90-2350-9466

Instagram… 「taka.koyasan」


facebook… 「takamasatsuchiya」